Biography: I studied a Bachelor of Arts (Ceramics) at Latrobe College of Northern Vic in Bendigo a long time ago, and have always dabbled, whether with clay or painting and drawing since then. Not long after both my boys started school I started working as a Student Support. I have enjoyed this work immensely, not only working with the students but the teaching staff. I also had an opportunity to work with a number of artists who came into our community to give our middle years students an experience like no other. This was a defining moment for me. I wanted to continue giving our children amazing experiences and so enrolled with CSU.

Artwork 1/1  Dancing to the Beaters
Stoneware ceramics with coloured slip decoration.

When I was exploring Chifley House, the object I kept coming back to was the hand held eggbeaters. They gave me instant joy as I remembered sharing the role of cooking with my sister in our kitchen. We would take turns spinning the eggbeaters; they take a bit of muscle when you are little. The decoration on the surface of my platter represents that fun-loving, happy-go-lucky experience of two little girls skipping around, experimenting and learning in the kitchen.  The colours capture the emotion of this memory, and the simplicity of the bands of colour, is representative of the simple living of that era. As I looked into the life and times of the Chifley’s, I found a real affinity with Elizabeth and hold a great admiration for her. Elizabeth loved her cooking and entertaining. She found company with the local children and was surrounded by love. The handle of the platter is not only a direct symbol of the eggbeaters, but also Elizabeth’s strength of character. There were times of loss and pain and yet Elizabeth still found time to cook and celebrate with family, friends and neighbourhood children.  The platter represents this celebration, the coming together and the sharing and making of memories.

Simone Mitchell