Biography: I have spent the last 20 years or so studying humanities, other cultures, design and art. Currently I teach Visual Arts, digital technologies and any other subject that comes my way. My practice as an artists is shaped by a love for tactile objects and my experience and training in ceramics and textile art. This is overlayed with a 21st Century sensibility in digital photography and image manipulation. My favourite form of relaxation is visiting South East Asia and sharing creativity with local artisans. My artistic journey has connected me to all parts of the world.

Artwork 1/3 Layers of Life
Textiles and Fibre

Artwork 2/3 Layers of Love
Textiles and Fibre

Artwork 3/3 Layers of Light
Textiles and Fibre

For this exhibition, my creative process was driven not only by my subjective interpretation of history and culture but by also by what I thought might resonate with an audience, now and in the future. I hope to celebrate Ben and Elizabeth Chifley as players in our social history.

Layers of Life is a reflection on the Chifley’s life of physical separation, yet obvious affection for each other, as evidenced in contemporary photographs. Chifley home is their focal point. I was drawn to Elizabeth through my love of flowers and plants.

Layers of Love reflects on connections between my family and the Chifley era. My Dad, who is featured in this image, grew from a small, orphaned boy, to a young man, during that era. It was a time that coloured his humanitarian outlook on the world, mirroring Ben Chifley’s open heart. Dad shared this in the way he helped bring us up.

Layers of Light explores connection between individuals and the wider world. This image refers to the “Light on the Hill’ speech, touching not only Australians, represented by images of my family, but also people from many corners of the world and Indigenous Australians, who contributed to making Australia what it is today.