Biography: Jack is a photographer and visual artist based in Hobart, Tasmania who was travelled and worked in the Antarctic, Pacific and South East Asia regions. In 2014 he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, from the University of Tasmania as the first undergraduate ever to receive the Bett Gallery honours award. He went on to undertake an artist in residency with TCOTA/ Henry Jones Art hotel among others awards. His work explores the intersection between the divine and the banal, and the point at which these considerations become political.  

Artwork 1/1   The SS Riverhunter(s) (3 photos)  
Drawing, Lazer etching, woodblock print.

The series is process driven and a significant step away from my ordinary modes of expression. As such the work has a distinct unpolished quality. I aimed to probe the metaphysical transformation that the image of the SS Riverhunter undertook as it moved from object to idea and back again. Ideas around transmission, transformation and recognition are explored but the key element is the digital/ analogue dichotomy and its significance in the context of an online exhibition based on a digital visitation.

SS RIiverhunter drawing

SSRiverHunter Etch