Biography: I began my creative career as a professional oboe player with the Australian Army Band (1997-2007), since this time I have developed myself as a visual artist and graphic designer through various programs. I hold a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the University of South Australia (2000) and a Master of Design from the College of Fine Arts UNSW (2009).  I am now teaching in Visual Arts programs at TAFE NSW, having completed my Certificate IV in Teaching and Assessment in 2011. Professionally, I am interested in fostering artistic and creative skills in education and developing Visual Arts programs to suit trends in art practice in Australia. Artistically, I enjoy hybrid processes of art making, especially where printmaking is concerned. I am studying a Master of Teaching at Charles Sturt University to further my fantastic art career in ways I have not yet thought of.

Artwork 1/1 The Chifley Buzz
Time-Based Art: Video Duration 3:46

Exploring the spontaneous approach of drawing, erasing and photographing, I have produced a video that visualises the concept “Radio as a subjective and cultural experience”. The concept was derived from two personal radios kept in the abode of Australia’s 16th Prime Minister, Mr. Ben Chifley (1945-1949).

The moving drawing tells an imagined story about Ben and Elizabeth Chifley, which pivots around their personal radios in their home at 10 Busby Street, Bathurst – The Chifley Buzz. In the work, I explore subjective and cultural points of view as major focuses for the content.  Here, the radio is the conduit to communicate a ‘light-hearted’ story about gender roles in the 1940s Australia. Elizabeth Chifley, at home, hints at a women’s world in the 1940s by laying the table with entertainment and social rituals, whilst Ben takes a journey to Parliament to run the country from Canberra.

A postmodern approach underlies the art making in the construction of the moving image, where the medium is the message. Interpretive drawings, sound snippets, the appropriation of artists’ paintings and layering all contribute to the morass of everyday life and create meaning rich content in the work.

Finally, an abstract interpretation of music with a fire-work of colours celebrates the pleasure of listening to the portable radio – which everyone can enjoy.

Artist Influences: William Kentridge and Eadweard Muybridge

FHibble Chifley Radio Black white

FHibble Mr Chifley

FHibble The Chifley Buzz