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This exhibition features artworks produced by a group of Charles Sturt University pre-service teachers who are studying by distance to become specialist secondary visual arts teachers.

As part of their university studies pre-service teachers have engaged with the Chifley Home and Education Centre as a historical site, as a resource for teaching and as an inspiration for the creation of artworks. As a starting point for their artworks, each pre-service teacher chose a historical object related to the Chifley era. As an artist, they then investigated and explored the object to develop a range of concepts, interpretations and viewpoints represented in the final artworks. They engaged in their own artmaking practice working in a variety of art forms and with a range of materials. As part of this process they communicated with one another in an online teaching and learning environment sharing their experience, ideas and expertise. Each artist was a co-teacher in this virtual classroom, contributing and facilitating the work of the entire group.

The final artworks and the exhibition are the outcome of intense work, commitment and risk taking. Each submission presents a unique and informed interpretation of Australian history. Together the exhibition re-interprets the narrative of the Chifley home and its collection, offering an arts-based response that is informed by cross-curriculum explorations.

The title of the exhibition captures the many layers of this exhibition. Threads of Time have connected this group of artists with Ben and Elizabeth Chifley, with Australian history, with community and with a range of previously unexplored personal histories. In creating the exhibition together, from a distance, and in a short period time, the group has developed a strong link to each other and to the stories being told. The works are diverse yet there is coherence in their common focus. To take the symbolism of the title further, the diversity of approaches effectively creates a warp and weft in the exhibition fabric.

This exhibition is the result of collaboration between Bathurst Regional Council and the Faculty of Education, Charles Sturt University. It explores and celebrates the potential of teaching and learning in public spaces. 

The exhibition can be viewed online using the links below.