Biography: I have been working as a professional photographer in the commercial and magazine areas for the last 10 years in Sydney. A background in psychology and a Fine Arts Degree from SCA (Sydney College of Arts) have informed a practice that focuses on perception and use of surreal or unusual scenes to harness focus and viewer contemplation. My ambition for personally creative output and meaningful relationships with people has inspired a career in teaching visual arts.

Artworks 1/5 Lethe: Western Ripples (Cockatoo Island)

Artwork 2/5 Lethe: Western Ripples (Sofala)

Artwork 3/5 Lethe: Western Ripples (Cockatoo Island)

Artwork 4/5 Lethe: Western Ripples (Coonabarabran)

Artwork 5/5 Lethe: Western Ripples (Hill End)

Lethe: Western Ripples is a series of photographs produced under the cover of night. The corrugated iron water tank found in the Chifley’s yard inspired the images in an investigation of a ubiquitous symbol of national identity. Used heavily during the gold rush era and the expansion of colonies as an economical and rugged material, corrugated iron came to represent the growth of Australian identity. The vast need for new buildings with migrating populations and rural settlements during this time is a key link to the Chifley migration policies and desire for a labour force in agriculture and industry. Such a symbol represents development, economy and growth, but in considering “Australian Identity”, what does omit? Who does it neglect? On what land was it built? What animals, resources, or elements does it seek to control? In this series I use surreal structural elements in landscapes devoid of people to draw first the curiosity and familiarity of the viewer, then deeper considerations of possible narratives, and why things don’t feel quite right. Exploration of the nocturnal world focuses a new perspective and the environment and a search for explanation.

The word ‘lethe’ comes from Greek mythology referring to the River Lethe that dead souls crossed, producing forgetfulness in the afterlife. Western Ripples are the manufactured equivalent of natural forms - the corrugated iron.

AF LetheWR 1 CockatooIsland

AF LetheWR 2 Sofala

AF LetheWR 3 CockatooIsland

AF LetheWR 4 Coonabarabran

AF LetheWR 5 HillEnd