Biography: Since completing a Bachelors of Creative Arts at Wollongong University in 2006, majoring in painting and printmaking, I have continued to explore my personal journey through life in my art. My studies have allowed me to investigate and appreciate the world around me, and have led me to seek out different cultures and experiences. I lived in the UK for 9 years before returning home to Australia to undertake a Masters in Secondary teaching in Visual arts. I have always wanted to be an Art teacher and feel that it fosters creativity, allows expression of self, and also prepares students for life.

Artwork 1/1   Crossing Boundaries: Window to consciousness (day)
(2 photos)   Crossing Boundaries: Window to consciousness (night)
Mixed media- watercolour, ink, encaustic wax on rice paper

Nature and our connection to it is a recurring theme in art where artists relate to, understand, and appreciate the beauty in life. My artwork draws on the decorative window found at the education centre of the Chifley Home and Education Centre in Bathurst which is adorned with decorative panels depicting scenes of nature. Within this window the boundary between inside decoration and the outside environment is blurred as nature is presented, rather than revealed.

My painting aims to convey our relationship with nature and its influence on our identity in place and time. Through this work I am trying to imbue a sense of belonging within our environment while also showing our isolation from it. The fragile nature of life is shown through the choice of rice paper on which the piece is constructed, which allows light to pass through; as the light changes between day and night the piece also changes reflecting the passage of time. The use of mixed media creates physical layers within the work highlighting the variability of nature, locations, and ourselves. The window frame is reminiscent of both the window in the Education Centre and the anthropogenic barrier between ourselves and the outside world, while the panes serve to capture moments in time.

Lana final Day

Lana final Night